Why “Glaube Liebe Hoffnung”?

While doing research on the profound history of Stralsund, these three words always came back into my mind.

I know these are very strong words. Each one of them can tell a thousand stories. When I walk through Stralsund’s Old Town I see many things related to FAITH (Glaube). The three old and magnificent churches. Carrying believers through rough and difficult times, always hoping for a better future.

The LOVE (Liebe) towards God, another person or even money, shaped many centuries of everyday life of people living in Stralsund, which belonged to the Hanseatic League.

Stralsund was attacked by many different troups throughout its history. Various commander tried to, or even conquered it. Although Stralsund had a very strong rampart, some armies succeeded and people who lived here had to suffer. Sometimes the only thing left was the HOPE (Hoffnung) for a better and peaceful life.

Still today one can see the attention to detail while walking through the Old Town of Stralsund, with its colourful restored town houses which witnessed bygone times and will hopefully still be here, when we are long gone.

The three terms of Faith, Love and Hope are embodied within the anchor, which you can find quite often in this game. It sustains the heritage of the Hanseatic city of Stralsund as a maritime and merchant settlement.

Discover the old Stralsund brand new with Glaube Liebe Hoffnung: Stralsund – A Historical Game.

Enjoy yourself exploring Stralsund!